I have decided to live from my heart.
To think, feel, experience, believe, life from my heart space. Everything I do.. every choice I make – authentic soul, fulfilling and in love.

And I’m aware this demands that I give to life my full, whole, authentic self. My love and my truth, my strength and my vulnerabilities, my genius and my follies, my true divine self.. all my perfections all of my flaws.

And I’m aware that this means not everyone will fit. And I am ok with that. Love from a distance is still love. Living from my heart does not mean that I live foolishly, nor does it mean my actions are rooted in feelings or emotions but, rather, in grace and truth. I am obligated to protect my heart as well as I am obligated to bring truth even when it does not feel good.

God as my guide… Today I vow no more fear. No more walls. No more lies or pretenses. I live and give fully to all of life all of me with all of my heart.