In my true essence I am confident, strong compassionate loving honest and firm. No nonsense, to the point, open but quiet. I am fun, funny, free spirited, spontaneous adventurous and bold. I am careful about my relationships because I put my all into t

I am master of myself. I know what I want and how to get it. I am wise discerning, spiritual and my relationship with God is the foundation of everything that I am. For without Him I am nothing. I am kind and giving always willing to help or dedicate myself to any cause that will heal or help human suffering.

I am somewhat of a feminist. I am proud of my womanhood I believe in equality and sisterhood and that there are no limits to what we as women can do and achieve.

I am soulful. I am free. I am not defined by anything or anyone but that which I am. I am me I am God’s and I am everything he created me to be.