Oh to fall in love with a soul.

A beautifully damaged, hurt, tested, endured, afraid, surrendered, flawed, vulnerable, liberated soul.

One that doesn’t mask or pretend.. either to know or to be anything.

Just a soul that’s willing to walk with me

loving, laughing and learning what it is to just be..


A soul that’s free to fly with me.. to the dark, the lonely and undiscovered places
Transcending boundaries
Or concepts of spaces
To those untraveled places where only  imagination can take us.

Oh to fall in love with a soul that knows
This life is but a passing journey
But will willingly join his soul with mine
To make it all the more worthwhile
More beautiful
More meaningful
Not just for us but all of mankind.

Oh to fall in love with a soul,
Not a person or a man
But with the deepest, most uncharted
Perhaps never shown parts..
That make us so incredibly human.
Where neither words nor will nor things
Nor titles nor roles can define.
A soul that will rest comfortably in mine
Suspended beyond space and time.

In love unrestrained. Sublime.
Show me your soul.

Here’s mine.