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Sometimes when time feels finite
And there are no guide posts or maps
Or compasses in sight,
Dreams slip away.

Somedays when the hours feel endless
And my will wanes inside me
I wander aimlessly in wait.
Moving with no direction but moving, nonetheless,
Because stagnation pains.

Lost in time and space,
The gloom of nothingness pervades
And Words escape me.
I can’t even find my voice.

Then in the silence,
You whisper.

And I remember…

That though I can’t find the words,
You can hear my cry with not a sound.
You can see inside my heart
And you can see the way for me
Even when I am lost.

So even if time eludes me
And my world slips off its axis,
The day retreats,
The silence becomes frightening
and all that I know ceases to be…

You are there.
And You know.
And I know now
Your love will always find me.