1. Hearing God
  2. Answered prayers
  3. Worship that ends in tears
  4. Standing by the ocean
  5. Getting your feet wet as you walk along the shore
  6. Watching the sunrise
  7. Seeing the dawn break
  8. When your playlist shuffle gets the music just right
  9. Finding the perfect words to express that burning desire
  10. Hearing the poem play out in your head before you even pick up the pen
  11. The sound of worship in tongues
  12. Songs that shake you
  13. Poems that make you tear up
  14. Books that make you miss the characters when it’s over
  15. Dreams you never want to wake up from
  16. Waking up in Jamaica
  17. Sunday mornings
  18. The smell of fresh brewed coffee in the morning
  19. Early morning breakfast dates
  20. Octobers
  21. Memories that randomly make you smile
  22. Seeing your name in the newspaper
  23. Conversations with Mommy
  24. Church with Dad
  25. My Daddy’s smile when he sees me
  26. Hearing the words “I miss you”
  27. Hearing ‘I love you mommy”
  28. Road trips on crisp fall days
  29. Sade on rainy days
  30. Nina Simone on sad days
  31. Gazing at the full moon
  32. Long walks to nowhere
  33. Conversations that go on and on
  34. Sitting in quiet contemplation with a still mind
  35. Sitting with friends who understand your silence
  36. The silence in your home after your kid gets on the school bus
  37. Christmas trees, lights and carols
  38. Thanksgiving family gatherings
  39. Twilight movie marathons
  40. Feeling your unborn baby move inside of you
  41. Holding the child you carried for the first time
  42. The sound of children playing/laughing
  43. Watching your child sleep
  44. Seeing your child on a stage
  45. Getting a brilliant story idea
  46. When a character you created comes to life
  47. Finishing a story
  48. When someone shows up with coffee
  49. Candlelit dinners/bath/rooms.. anything
  50. Finding the answer
  51. Finding a way
  52. Finishing