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It will be an ordinary day. Just like any other.

On that day you’ll be distracted.

You’ll more than likely be caught up in time,

Or maybe you’ll be in the middle of something

Or late, rushing somewhere.

You wouldn’t even have seen him coming.

This encounter will be furthest thing from your thoughts.

But he will come and interrupt

And you’ll be preoccupied and annoyed

Silently willing him to get out of your way,

Thinking “now is just not the time.”

But determined and unfazed,

He will persist pass your annoyance knowing this may be his only chance…

Resolute, until he has your attention.

You’ll let out an exasperated sigh but,

Resigned, you give in.

He speaks.

You look at him.

Really look at him.

And then you gasp, “Oh.”