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I wasn’t looking for what befell me,
I’d ventured into new territory.
How could I have known this encounter
would alter my destiny…


He seemed like…
Like he was the answer
The manifestation of my desire
The amen to my prayer

And it’s not that he was so desirable
Or that ‘happily ever after’ was so irresistible,
It was his words…
They just seemed so simple
“But didn’t God say…”

How could I have been so gullible?

He said I could have joy
And life… and sight..
And when you’ve lived in gloom for so long…
To finally see, and to feel.. something…
It just didn’t seem so wrong.

And who was there to object-
To remind me of what I knew all along?

No one.

So I fell.
Because I believed.
I bought the lie,
Gave up all my power
And sold my knowledge for a dream.
Now here I stand,
Exposed and ashamed…
As he points the finger back at me.


I see now…

How the serpent seemed so believable to Eve.

And I pray God understands

That I wasn’t rebellious,

I was deceived.