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Don’t look back.
There’s nothin’ there…
And nothin’ good ever was.
It’s all an illusion.
Just a diversion.
Don’t you look back, lil one.
You’ll be frozen in time
Like a pillar of salt
Dead in your tracks.
You’ve got your hand on the plough
Now don’t draw back.
Ain’t nothing but the same old tricks
In that serpent’s hat.
Keep them eyes fixed ahead
On the road you been walkin’.
The devil’s a roarin’
Overtime he’s workin’
Must be that something good
Is about to happen.
Don’t look back.
Don’t you dare.
It’s just a distraction
Ain’t nothing there.

The Stranger


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It will be an ordinary day. Just like any other.

On that day you’ll be distracted.

You’ll more than likely be caught up in time,

Or maybe you’ll be in the middle of something

Or late, rushing somewhere.

You wouldn’t even have seen him coming.

This encounter will be furthest thing from your thoughts.

But he will come and interrupt

And you’ll be preoccupied and annoyed

Silently willing him to get out of your way,

Thinking “now is just not the time.”

But determined and unfazed,

He will persist pass your annoyance knowing this may be his only chance…

Resolute, until he has your attention.

You’ll let out an exasperated sigh but,

Resigned, you give in.

He speaks.

You look at him.

Really look at him.

And then you gasp, “Oh.”



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Perhaps one day I will no longer
Be plagued with thoughts of you.
No hope will linger when your image
Flashes across the theater of my mind.
No “someday.”
No “what if.”

Perhaps one day I will no longer
Be disoriented by the sight of you.
My nerves and all my senses won’t fuse into chaos,
My words won’t get caught in my throat,
Body temperature wont rise,
Nor will my eyes follow you longingly
Like a lost lover searching for a home.

Perhaps one day my nerves won’t signal red alert,
My pulse won’t quicken
And my palms get sweaty
Whenever I see a frame that resembles yours.
The shape of your forehead,
The muscular outline of your shoulders,
Your smile.

Maybe then the feverish waves of disappointment
Won’t wash over me like it does every time I realize
It’s just some random stranger.
It’s never you, probably, never will be.
Maybe one day this will all be a memory
And on that day I will laugh
At this foolish, obsessive, teenagerish infatuation.

But today is not that day.
I’m still a hopeless fool.




I wish I didn’t get tired.

And that I didn’t have a million things to do

That have nothing to do

With what I really want to do…

That make me so tired that

By the time the day is through…

I can’t even find the strength to do

The one thing I really love to do.

I wish I didn’t get tired…

But I do.

Wake Up

Wake up

Wake up, Jesus.

It’s storming and I am scared.

Wake up, wake up now

Lest these winds toss me over

And these waves carry me away.

Wake up, Wake up Jesus

Even though I know you’re here,

Wake up!

Speak to these winds and calm these waves.

Wake up, Wake up now Jesus!

It’s storming.

My faith is wavering

And I’m scared.



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I’ve left behind fragments of me for you to find.

Somehow, I believe you’ve been searching.

Look inside your heart

Follow its urging,

There’s a trail that will lead you

Right here… To me.

In faith, I’ve left the door open for you.


You’ll find rest here… with me.

My Prayers



They said I’m not allowed

To give you my love

But they can’t stop me

From praying for you.

May my prayers hold you up.

May my prayers cover you.

May my prayers give you strength,

The way I hoped

My love would do,

May my prayers give you wings

May they bring love to you.